For over 10 years SLF have been dedicated to sourcing and delivering the highest quality of shellfish.

SLF have been committed to sourcing and delivering shellfish with a hands-on approach which has helped set SLF apart from any perceived competition. SLF’s dedication to quality is apparent at every level of the shellfish business.

SLF are set apart from the rest due to their undoubtedly commitment to reliability. No matter the size of company or location, we aim to ensure that we provide:

  • Quality Produce
  • Fast Delivery
  • Maximum Satisfaction

All of SLF’s products are sourced from only the finest organic producers. This is shown throughout all our mussels, oysters and periwinkles. We can guarantee that our products are:

  • Sourced in clear, pure waters
  • Naturally fresh with no additives
  • Traced right from the start of production

SLF products have been described as nothing but exquisite and delicious. Some clients include top restaurants and kitchens all over the world. The quality is proved to be

  • Refined
  • Succulent
  • Pure
Slf Aquatech can offer you consultancies to complete any project where water treatment technologies are required; for aquaculture projects, shellfish depuration, crustaceans live holding and projects for environmental restoration.
We can prepare the required studies to estimate the project feasibility, for new projects and for projects already in operation.
A proper evaluation of the land or the existing infrastructure potential related to productivity or improvement, the most suitable culture and the best production systems to practice, with the target of returning maximum income are exploited.
We suggest the most effective practices to manage your production, improving cost savings by using the most advanced technologies in aquaculture.
We are highly experienced in planning and the installation of recirculation systems and closed circuits.

Only the best shellfish

All staff at SLF appreciate the value of providing products that have been raised, harvested and processed in an environmentally sustainable manner.
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We Understand the Seafood Business

SLF was founded in 2001 by Gerado Saggiomo, in Fano on the Adriatic Coast between the Emila Romagna and Abruzzo. As a natural consequence of it’s geographical location, the company specializes in the seafood purification field, which compromises 90% of the production and which has become core business.

Our Mission

We strive to meet the demands of our customers who are increasingly incentive to the value of our shellfish products. We endeavor to only supply the most purified, well packed & quickly distributed fresh seafood. We promise to do this using only the most cutting edge sanitary passed instruments.

We are uncompromising in our commitment to very best produce.