Whether renewable additives, filtration equipment or sterilization plant are the answer to your water hygiene requirement, EVS’s products and expertise can identify and mitigate the risks. With our water hygiene treatment, we can show you what you need to be doing, with our accredited courses, or we can take the pressure off you with our consultancy provision.

Either way, we understand how important clean water is to your productivity and your reputation, so let us, and our industry-leading knowledge and expertise, help you to maintain and enhance both with our water hygiene systems.


As part of our water treatment consultancy services, we don’t expect you to be an expert in water systems, you just want to know that the measures you take to meet requirements are fit for purpose, cost-efficient and compliant. As water treatment consultants, we offer our services so that you can make informed choices and be confident that you are aware of any shortcomings in your current provision. If you are looking for water treatment consultants for consistency in your health and safety practices to manage and control the risks of legionella bacteria and other pathogens in your water systems, then EVS’s can assist you. Our water treatment consultancy services will help you to understand your responsibilities and to put appropriate systems in place to ensure that you are proactive in detecting and treating harmful bacteria in water treatment systems. If required, we can supply chemical water treatments as well as equipment to prevent the growth of microorganisms and keep the system and the water in it clean. Let the expert water consultants at EVS’s help you to remain compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations.


We know how important continuity and compliance is to you and because prevention is always better than cure, we provide an exemplary water equipment consultancy and maintenance service. Our experienced team of engineers carries out equipment health checks, steam boiler treatment, equipment analysis and monitoring to ensure your water equipment is operating safely and at optimum levels. With EVS as your water equipment consultants, as part of our services, you can access specialist technical consultancy when you need it most, and be supported by our national team of service engineers, fully trained and experienced in all aspects of maintaining and repairing water treatment equipment.

Contact us  to find out more information on our support with water treatment equipment:

EVS Water Management

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